Elderflower Skin Oil

Size: 60ml (2oz) Beautifully presented in a glass bottle with hand finished cork stopper.
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The natural way to smooth and condition the skin

  • Treatment

    Light, spicy and fragrant, Zarvis Elderflower Skin Oil is an exquisite healing oil and ideal for those with sensitive skin. This excellent emollient and moisturiser is especially advantageous when applied to parts of the body with dry skin such as elbows, knees and heels by effectively healing dry cracked skin. Regular use helps the skin look and feel like silk. This advanced formula of the Elderflower, renowned for is calming effects on the skin and natural healing properties, combined with a touch of soothing Almond Oil and Bay Lead Oil results in a Skin Oil that delivers an overall sense of wellbeing.

    Zarvis Elderflower Products were used in the making of the feature film Elizabeth: The Golden Age

    • Smoothes dry skin
    • Heals dry cracked skin
    • Helps relieve skin irritation
    • Ideal for sensitive skin
    • Suitable for use on children
    • 100% natural & organic
    • Alcohol Free
  • How to use

    Pour a few drops into your bath water, step in and relax.

    The essential oil content in Zarvis Bath and Body Oils is incredibly high, so a little really does go a long way. Alternatively, you can rub this oil into dry areas of your body after a bath or shower while your skin is still damp.

    Viv's Tip: For very dry skin areas, apply a small drop directly to dry skin areas, allowing the skin time to absorb the oil.