Muscle Relaxing Bath Herb Soak

Size: 4oz Bath Herbs (2 Cotton Bath Bags), Makes 10-12 cleansing baths

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The natural skin wash to soothe sore and tired muscles

  • Treatment

    Created from the Wintergreen plant, Zarvis Muscle Relaxing Bath Herb Soak is designed to help eliminate toxins from the skin. This advanced formula Eucalyptus body wash will transform your bath into a sanctuary, soaking away tensions while promoting smooth skin conditions and helping to reduce dry, irritated and bumpy skin.

    All Zarvis botanical Bath Herb Soak’s are made from the whole plant, herb or flower, not simply a part or an extract. This results in a product that yields the entire benefits to body and mind that these delightful plants have to offer. This bath time treat will leave you feeling warm and relaxed with any muscle aches soothed.

    • Use to cleanse
    • Relaxes the body 
    • Soothes the muscles
    • Helps clear dry bumpy skin 
    • Tones the skin                           
    • 100% natural                                                                                         
    • Alcohol Free
  • How to use

    Fill your cotton bath bag (2 supplied) with a large handful of the Bath Herbs, toss it into the bath and allow it to soak for a few minutes. Bring your bath to suitable temperature, step in, relax, and massage your body with the bath bag. Used without soap, cleansing your body with this herbal soak is the best treatment. We initially recommend 2-3 initial bath herb treatments for your skin to feel like silk.

    Tip: Be sure to scrub/wash the shoulders and back with the bath bag. Follow with a few drops of Zarvis Roman Massage Oil for perfectly conditioned skin.