Rose Maroc Bath & Body Oil

Size: 60ml (2oz) Beautifully presented in a glass bottle with hand finished cork stopper.

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Zarvis’s natural and most exclusive bath and body oil

  • Treatment

    With a deep and rosy fresh aroma, Zarvis Rose Maroc Bath and Body Oil has excellent skincare properties which are perfect for treating dry and ageing skin. Used on the face and body this oil will smooth onto your skin like silk. Perfect when used as a perfume Rose Maroc warms with your body, emanates up and delightfully scents the skin. Formulated with highly prized Rose Absolut extracted from the freshest flowers it takes about 60,000 handpicked roses to make one ounce of this precious rose oil.

    Renowned over many centuries for its many benefits Rose Oil is known to boost self esteem, confidence and mental strength as well as efficiently fighting depression - truly the most cherished oil.

    • Skin revitalisation and hydration
    • Assist with wrinkle reduction
    • Perfect for use as a perfume
    • High in vitamin E & A
    • Ideal for dry skin
    • 100% natural & organic
    • Alcohol Free
  • How to use

    For bathing pour a few drops into your bath water, step in and relax. Use as a perfume by placing a drop on the pulse points, behind the ears, wrists and ankles. For smoothing and softening the skin, apply a few drops to your body after a bath or shower while your skin is still damp. The essential oil content in Zarvis Bath and Body Oils is incredibly high so a little really does go a long way.

    Tip: To reap the potential relaxation effects of this oil a small amount can be worn ‘neat’ (undiluted) upon retiring in the evening.