Sea Water Bath Mixture Soak

Size: 8oz, Makes 10-12 soothing baths

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The natural way to neutralise the pH of your skin and restore balance

  • Treatment

    Zarvis Sea Water Bath Mixture is an accelerated formula designed to promote general well-being and works harmoniously with your body. A soak in this delightful bath mixture works to neutralise the pH of the skin which then acts to restore body balance while the lovely Lavandin scent helps to calm the mind. All Zarvis botanical Bath Soak’s are made from the whole plant, herb or flower, not simply a part or an extract. This results in a product that yields the entire benefits to body and mind that these delightful plants have to offer.

    This bath soak is especially advantageous to the skin during the long sunny days of summer when UV rays compromise your skin. It is also ideal for new mothers to help re-establish balance for the body after childbirth. Let the seaweed effect neutralise the skin and give it a rest.

    • Gentle cleanser
    • Calming on the skin
    • Repairs skin after sunbathing
    • Ideal for new mothers
    • 100% natural
    • Alcohol Free
  • How to use

    For the feeling of warm tropical healing seas sprinkle a small amount into your bath as you are filling it with water. A sprinkle of Zarvis Sea Water into your warm bath will create a luxurious soak for you to enjoy, helping to promote calmness throughout the skin and relaxing the body as a whole.