English Lavender Bed Stuffer

Size: 18 x 12 x 1.5 inch thick

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The natural way to scent your beds

  • Treatment

    Relaxing and soothing, Zarvis English Lavender Bed Stuffer is made with an advanced formula that ensures a natural fresh Lavender scent every time you pull back the covers. Lavender is known to relax the mind and when placed under your pillow it will encourage a better night’s sleep.

    Wonderful for guest bedrooms, this is truly a beautiful treat as they settle down for a good night’s sleep. Not many can resist a bed scented of English Lavender which is why a 100% natural Bed Stuffer is ideal for the entire family to enjoy for many years.

    • A clean natural scent
    • Freshens beds
    • 100% cotton
    • Encourages deep sleep
    • Wonderful for kids
    • Great for guest houses and boutique hotels
  • How to use

    Place your English Lavender Bed Stuffer under the pillow or lay it between the sheets when making the bed.

    Tip: To rejuvenate its beautiful scent, slip the English Lavender Bed Stuffer back in to its original package (or seal away) for a couple of days.