Making Pot Pourri Kit

Ingredients individually packaged and in a tin

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The natural way to enjoy your flower garden throughout the winter

  • Treatment

    Capture your garden’s beauty and fragrance by creating your own potpourri to enjoy throughout your home with Zarvis Potpourri Kit. Containing everything you need to make a few batches of potpourri by simply cutting flowers or herbs from your garden and drying them for a month. Using this kit you can make delightful potpourri for your home or as the perfect gift for family and friends.

    This combination was originally made by Vivian for the Irish Georgian Society and for the grand homes of England so they could make their own potpourri from their beautiful English gardens.

  • How to use

    This kit includes all the ingredients you need along with the instructions to make your own delightful potpourri. Tip: Preserve the scent of your most special day by using your wedding flowers to make your own special batch of potpourri