The Story

In 1976, Vivian established Zarvis London as one of the first companies to concentrate on using all natural ingredients to care for the skin.  Growing from strength to strength, perfecting oil based fragrances, infused massage oils, and cosmetic bath herbs to create a harmonious range of botanical body care.

Zarvis London has long been influential in ingredients, packaging and product lines and is well known as a couture bath-house, specialising in the finest natural and organic bath and body products available.

We opened our first shop in Chelsea during the mid 70’s and since the beginning we have always based our approach to personal care on an in-depth understanding of the healing power and therapeutic properties plants and natural ingredients have on restoring and maintaining healthy balanced skin.

Over 30 years were spent perfecting the highest quality blends of natural and organic ingredients: whole plants, cold pressed oils, roots, barks, flowers, and spices to create a range of natural and organic products, always with a 100% commitment to quality.

Our drive has always been to create products that really work but also to create products that enhance the lives our customers. A strong focus is on ensuring the content and design of our products allows them to fit into the lifestyle of our customers, bringing luxurious natural care for the body to everyday life.


Our Philosophy

Zarvis was born out of a passion to create products which could be used on even the most sensitive skin. Blending natural and organic ingredients to create a 100% natural range of products that care for the body, so as to always be ready to cope with the stresses of today's fast paced world. 

What Vivian Zarvis started in 1976 hasn't changed, Zarvis London's philosophy is persistent in keeping a positive attitude regarding quality and aims to please all members of the family while making pampering a part of our daily life, we endeavour every day to always do better than the day before. 

We source the finest purest natural ingredients from local growers around the world. Our products are prepared using traditional methods which retain the most positive cleansing and nourishing benefits for the entire body. 


Our Commitment

We've been formulating body care products for over 30 years and we love what we do. We seek to find pure ingredients from our trusted growers from every corner of the world to ensure the best quality. By combining the best raw ingredients intelligently, we have created a body care range that works for you. Every product is a botanical blend of natural and organic ingredients. We never compromise on quality!

For our Bath Herb range we focus on using whole plants from the root to the flower, not just an extract. This yields higher life giving properties and therapeutic potential. Whether you want to detox, hydrate or just soften your skin, our Bath Herb formulas will indulge those with delicate skin or people who need a break from the overuse of stringent soaps.  

For our Bath and Body Oils, we use the highest grade steam distilled cosmetic oils, along with vitamin-rich cold pressed oils. These properly derived oils can provide concentrated oxygen and nutrients to the skin that is difficult to get from other natural sources.

We live in a fast-paced world and it is important for all of us to care for our skin which is constantly pressured by the air, sun and fabrics we wear. We encourage everyone to care for their skin with a little attention, love and hydration.

The Zarvis range of products promote exceptional health, improved well-being and wonderful skin.